Somehow, he lost his freedom.

Now he belongs to the academy, and the rules have changed. For Ryan Jacobs, what started out as a game has become a matter of life and death. It seems that everyone is out to get him and he's faced with an impossible choice. If he doesn’t think fast, someone will die.


At thirteen you shouldn’t have to face these kinds of issues. But at thirteen, you don’t get to decide THE RULES.

THE RULES is the first book in the RYAN JACOBS series and is available on Amazon:

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Life has got very complicated for Ryan. The fact is that he's never been much of a team player. It's not easy when your friends hate you and everyone else is on your case. 

And that was before people started going crazy. He has to find some answers, and fast. Before things get out of hand. Before anyone gets killed. Or worse.

WILD FURY is the second book in the RYAN JACOBS series and is now available on Amazon:

They call it the Fury. And no-one is safe.

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There's something in the woods. And it's out of control.

When Ryan realises the danger, he has a difficult decision to make. It’s not easy to own up to your mistakes when you’re in trouble.


But if he doesn’t, someone could die.


Will he be able to tame the technology before anyone is killed? Or confess and lose his place at the academy? At thirteen, it’s a harsh choice. But, this time, he only has himself to blame.

CODE ZERO is the third book in the RYAN JACOBS series and is available on Amazon:

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Set before the events in THE RULES, find out about Ryan Jacobs' life before he started at Devonmoor Academy.

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There are traps you can't escape.

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