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They came for his family.

Now, they're after him.

Zac is on the run and there’s nowhere to hide. The streets aren’t safe and he can’t evade the Quarantine Agency forever. Still, he made a promise he intends to keep.


Just how hard can it be to get across town during lockdown?

And what will happen if he succeeds?


One thing’s for sure: Zac wants answers.


But, more than that, he wants to live.

THE LAST HOPE OF LOCKDOWN is the first book in the LOCKDOWN series and is available on Amazon:

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They make the rules. He breaks them.

Zac is a wanted boy. At thirteen, he’s the youngest member of the Resistance, and about to become their most valuable asset.

He’s used to taking risks, but this latest mission will take him into enemy territory, unarmed and alone.

Now, he’s feeling the pressure: if he fails, he’ll let everyone down. But it will be even worse for him.

THE RISE OF THE RESISTANCE is the second book in the LOCKDOWN series is available on Amazon:

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They're selfish and cruel.

That's what he was told.

But the more time Zac spends with the Collective, the more he has his doubts. How could these people be responsible for the lockdown? Why would they suppress a vaccine? 

He has to get some answers, and fast. He’s meant to be a Resistance spy, not a child of the Collective. This is no time to question his orders and betray his friends. He needs to stay focused and complete his mission.

If he doesn’t, it will all be for nothing. And the lockdown will never end.

THE CALL OF THE COLLECTIVE is the third book in the LOCKDOWN series and is available on Amazon.

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